In the comfort of their living room, a couple devoted to living their best, most unconventional lives are forced to face reality

when confronted with life-altering news, challenging their idea of what it truly means to go through this life together.


Removing all walls of intimacy, Jump Cut invites you into the whimsical world of Summer and Raphael and provide you with a surrealistic and acrobatic perspective on how they go through, and get through this life together.

Inspired by true events, Jump Cut is not only a circus show, it is a cinematic experience built entirely around their screenplay and innovative set design. 

A sort of “acrobatic pas de deux”, the duo move fluidly from one circus technique to another telling a story that is full of unexpected twists and turns.

Giving the sensation of dreaming while awake, Jump Cut is a show that travels through time and space where value is placed on life’s simpler moments and poetry in its most tragic ones.

A show and experience fit for all ages and imaginations!


" C'est une belle proposition poétique qui fédère beaucoup les générations je crois. “

   -  Bruno Cochet (Director - Le Theatre de Rungis)

“ The performance was top notch and of a high standard. Really great … “

   -  Wouter Maas (Culture Coordinator - Stad Turnhout)

“ … Halfway through the show… my wife and I looked at each other and

   spontaneously got tears in our eyes… Without words we said to each other: “ This is

   about us! ” “

   -  Ruben Hermans (Spectator)

“ Nous étions très contents de la prestation de Double Take Cinematic Circus … Ce

   sont deux artistes exceptionnels dans leurs techniques et dans l’originalité de leur

   proposition. “

   -  Celine Daout (Responsable adjointe du Service de la Culture - Commune d’Ixelles)

What are people saying?
  • Circus 

  • Acrobatics

  • Storytelling 

  • Public space

  • 45 minutes 

  • All ages

Circus, Filmmaking, Double Take Cinematic Circus, Artist, Acrobat, Professional, Show, Summer Hubbard, Raphael Herault

"It's a funny thing coming home. Nothing changes. Everything looks the same, feels the same, even smells the same. You realize what's changed is you." - Eric Roth


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Double Take - Cinematic Circus
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Circus, Filmmaking, Double Take Cinematic Circus, Artist, Acrobat, Professional, Show, Summer Hubbard, Raphael Herault, Jump Cut

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Jump Cut, Double Take Cinematic Circus, Circus, Show, Train, Couch, Dragon, Poster, Art, Artists, Acrobats, Acrobatics, Scenography, Theater, Theatrical, Story, Storytelling


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