Spring 2021

An outdoor show based on actual events; either lived or dreamed. 

"It's a funny thing coming home. Nothing changes. Everything looks the same, feels the same, even smells the same. You realize what's changed is you." - Eric Roth

Inspired by movie directors like Tim Burton and Terry Gilliam and their ways of presenting life from another angle, with a surrealistic approach of reality based on dreams alongside their unusual aesthetic and use of symbolisms, we will explore how a couple (more precisely this couple) goes through, and gets through, life together.

With our language of acrobatics and cinematography “coupled” with a very specific aesthetic, we will develop and discover the relationship concept, which has been explored many times before, but now perhaps in a new, more raw/natural way.

What if the normal life was the real adventure?
What if the smallest and usual things were the remarkable ones, the exceptional ones?

In a world where everybody wants to be somebody else and where simple is often not enough, Double Take - Cinematic Circus intends to visit the littler moments of life and expose the extraordinary that sleeps within them; to remind us all of their true importance.

We want the public to recognize itself in these 2 characters and in the situations they explore.

Using our acrobatic abilities, we will express how the protagonists seduce one another, how they argue and fight, how they help one another during the roughest of times, and how they make it through life, together. Storytelling through movement.

We will create a show that gives the sensation dreaming awake. A show that lets the imagination of the spectator run wild. A show that plays with paradoxes and where proportions are a little distort. A show that puts value in the tiniest moments and poetry in the heavier ones.

The protagonists will travel through different times and places embarking on a journey that will take them from the bottom of the sea to the infinity of space.

All of this taking place on their couch, in their living room; the room of life.

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Double Take - Cinematic Circus
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